“I do love you,” he told her, finally giving her a straight response. “I love you so much that it cancels out all other things – reason and morality and virtue. I love you so much that I have to have any part of you that I can. I can’t live without this feeling. I can’t live without this little hand,” he kissed her palm, “touching my face. I can’t live without this big heart,” he pressed his palm against her left breast, “reaching out to mine. I can’t do it.”

Eye candy for the evening.


Dear Tracy,

Do these last epic leaked pictures have anything to do with your birthday? I think so. I also think you should have asked for the holy sextape. j/s, j/s.

So, next year? Yep. Thankyouverymuch.

Holy gifts aside, thank you for being so sweet, for playing along with G&I (we still laugh over this http://robertandkristen.net/2010/09/28/lets-play/ ) and for sharing your lovely and funny thoughts with us.

This video made me think of you, so…

so much love, 


Dear Tracy, Rob speaks French so…

… happy birthday, and thank you for being nice to us and making PortFrenglish readable!



You know, I had a really sneaking suspicion that ‘someone’ was obsessed with your fic. But here’s the big old smoking glittering gun!

Take a gander at what ‘someone’ bought his ducky sweater-wearing bestie for Christmas. Uch, those two! So butch.

Dear Tracy,

Hope you’re having an awesome birthday. Rob and his ‘bitchface kitten’ face would demand nothing less. Have some cake, ogle cute faces (be it this one’s, or Spencer’s, or one of the BSBs). Whatever you do, be sure to sit back and smile til your face hurts.

Hug and kisses,


Tracy, can I ass you a question?

Look at this pic and tell me what you think.

Does this pic make me look creepy or narcissistic? Or both? By the look on my shirtless self’s face, I sure look like I can show myself a really good time. Just sayin.

But hey, it is your birthday and I hate to take the spotlight off you. Care for a threesome? Me, my stunningly handsome self, and you. Happy Birthday, princess.

If a picture is worth a thousand words…

then a manip is worth a thousand pictures.

Happy birthday! I hope it’s fantastic.

- Anya/Whatsmynom

Have you ever heard a penguin sneeze?

Happy birthday! -jennyfly

Happy Birthday!!

          Happy Birthday, Tracy!  I tried to attach a pic of a friend for Joan, but my techtardedness got in the way!

Hope you have the best day!!


Anne and Megan

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

They would like to wish you a very wonderful birthday, Tracy. Including me.

Tom, look at the fucking camera!

More pretty for you to look at…

And I’ll just leave this here as a gift:

Happy birthday, darling. I hope you have many more years filled with long life, prosperity, success, happiness and all that your heart desires. I hope your day is as awesome as you are!


Kefe <3.